IATA launches interactive travel regulations world map

The map relies on IATA’s Timatic database which contains comprehensive information on documentation required for international travel. To keep pace with the dynamic situation with respect to COVID-19, Timatic is updated more than 200 times per day to provide accurate travel restrictions specific to the current pandemic, based on one’s citizenship and country of residence. IATA’s COVID-19 interactive world map, also available for mobile, can be viewed here.

Tourists will require Covid-19 tests to enter Bali

Visitors to Bali will need to undergo a swab test before being permitted to fly to the holiday island.

From May 28, all travellers are required to take a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test with negative results and have a signed medical letter.

This will be verified at the departure airport, said Bali Airport Authority chief Elfi Amir.

“We urge everyone and all airlines to ensure this has been done before flying to Bali, all passengers must already have PCR test results declaring they are negative for Covid-19,” said Elfi.

Failure to ensure this could lead to sanctions of airlines.

It follows a request by Bali Governor Wayan Koster but only applies to air travellers.

Visitors arriving at seaports from Java or Lombok can enter only with a negative rapid test result and documentation.

Flight tickets will only be sold to travellers once they have got the health all-clear and have registered at a special website set up by Bali Provincial Health Authority.

Once registered they will be issued with a special Covid-19-free QR code which they must produce when booking a flight to Bali.

Bali Covid-19 Task Force chairman, Dewa Made Indra says these requirements will undoubtedly hamper Bali’s tourism revival but for now non-essential travel should still be avoided.

“Bali wants to tightly control who enters Bali, both Indonesians and foreigners, because all people are possible Covid-19 carriers,” Indra said.

Bali is hoping to be the first Indonesian province to be officially designated Covid-19 free, but says there is ‘still a long road ahead’ before that becomes a reality.

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Hi There. This is our New Website. I hope you like it. You can book and get instant confirmation. Payment by Credit Card and PayPal is available. Most of our Tours now will be Private because of the restrictions by Thai Government. Our Cars will be cleaned after each Trip. Our Tour guides and drivers undergo daily Temperature check. We will check the Temperature of every person before the Trip. Please wear a Face Mask during the Trip. We hope to welcome you back in Hua Hin soon.

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